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biking vs walking:Which one is Better for Weight Loss? Top 4 crtiterias to compare



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is biking vs b better for weight loss?

In other words, what is better for you biking vs walking?


This amazing blog post is all about the key differences and similarities between biking vs walking:

you’ll discover:

  • similarities and differences between walking and biking
  • Benefits of biking vs walking
  • Biking vs riding for weight loss
  • Pro tip to lose weight faster
  • Lots more

so, if you’re looking to know which one is better for you(step-by-step), you’ll love this amazing article.

Let’s get started:

biking vs walking

Biking vs Walking :Which one is better for Weight Loss

Before digging into each one, let us take a general summary about those activities:

Walking and ride biking are excellent and great options for weight loss.

But, which one is better?

The short answer is: it depends

The long answer:

These two activities have more health benefits and advantages especially if for those who do biking vs walking regularly:

Maybe you’re wondering:

Which one fits me?

Also, it depends on your target goal and your cycling pace or walking pace:

According to many studies, cycling burns approximately two times more calories than walking.

In other words, per one hour of walking, you will burn approximately 300 calories per hour whereas with cycling you will burn approximately 600 calories per hour.

but the most important thing that you should care about is that how each impacts your posture, joints, muscle, and your well-being.

Do you see the difference?


The main difference between walking and riding a bike is:

if your target goal is to lose weight, cycling is much better for you, but walking is better for your posture.

To sum up:

Walking helps you to improve your posture compared to biking.

This means both activities have many health benefits.

In general, biking and walking are great options and some of the best workouts that you can do ever.

before choosing one of those amazing workouts, there are some points and keys that you have to understand what are the ups and downs of biking and walking and the key differences and similarities.

Are you ready?

so let’s dig into these keys one by one:

these criteria are broken down into 4 main metrics.

Criteria #1: Burning calories

Benefits of riding a bike vs walking biking vs walking

When it comes to shedding pounds and burning calories, there is a difference between those activities

Let’s clarify this point:

per one hour of walking, you will burn approximately 300 calories per hour whereas with cycling you will burn approximately 600 calories per hour.

by the way, you could discover the benefits of cycling and if cycling is good for weight loss?

Do you see the difference?

So, in terms of weight loss, cycling can be a great option to burn calories faster

Keep in mind, those two activities take time to lose weight and build muscles.

Let’s move to the next point.

Criteria #2: Interval Training

Interval training is a huge factor.

before defining the meaning of this term, there is also steady-state exercise and interval training. So let’s define one by one:

What is Interval Training?

Interval training consists of high-intensity workouts with rest of periods.

The main benefits of interval training are:

• more fats fast

•increase endurance

•weight loss

•it’s a faster and more excellent workout

•and more

by the way, to get more info about this form of workout, check out this amazing interval training blog post.

now, it’s the right time to move to steady-state exercise:

What is steady-state exercise?

steady-state exercise is activities that focus on a lower intensity exercise that you can do during a long period of time, it’s a type of aerobic exercise.

To sum up, those two metrics impact your goal especially in terms of intensity or cadence.


Check out this amazing blog post related to how to improve your cycling cadence step by step.

 criteria #3: Biking vs walking vs or cycling muscles

you may wonder which one is better in terms of building muscles.

In fact:

those amazing activities are both using your muscles, but each one using targeted muscles.

let’s clarify this point.

for cycling, mostly you will use muscles such as glutes and quadriceps

, unlike biking, muscles that will be used are calves and glutes:

do you see the difference?

to sum up, each activity uses some kind of muscle from your body.

Let’s discover the last point.

criteria #4: Expensive and Enjoyement

in terms of pricing, cycling is more expensive compared to walking.


because cycling requires you an amazing bike that fits you and as you know high-quality bikes cost thousands of dollars. Whereas walking does not require anything.

also, cycling needs a high-quality helmet in order to protect yourself from any accident.

Unlike, walking only requires high-quality pair of shoes that fit you

So, it’s cheaper compared to biking.

But, in terms of convenience and enjoyment, cycling lets you discover more views and landscapes as nature, save time, etc.

so, both activities have advantages and drawbacks in terms of pricing and enjoyment.


walking and cycling are both aerobic exercises and both can help you to lose weight.

the key is that depends on your pace and the number of hours that you spend during this workout.

Here’s what I mean:

Focus on consistency because it controls your weight loss whether cycling or biking.

Also, there are other options that help you to lose weight such as your diet, tracking your progress, consistency, etc.

by the way, you can this amazing blog post about how to lose weight with cycling.

Now, it’s the right time to help you to respond to your main question that is: Is Walking Or Biking Better For Weight Loss? Right!!

Which one is better biking or walking?

The simple answer is:

it depends

In other words, if you want to burn calories faster, biking is a great way

But, this doesn’t mean walking is not a great option, it has many health benefits and it could help to lose weight especially for long durations and if you do it regularly.

Keep in mind, the consistency is the key to reaping cycling benefits or walking benefits and your target goal.


I hope I answered your question about :

Is Biking vs walking better For Weight Loss?

Walking and Biking are excellent activities that you can do and each one has many health benefits.

as I’ve said, if you want to lose weight faster, biking is a great option for you.

this doesn’t mean, cycling is not an amazing workout.

to sum up, those two activities are amazing to shed pounds and burn extra calories.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

what do you think about these key differences between riding a bike and walking?

do you prefer walking or biking?

or maybe you have other forms of workouts.

anyway, let me know by leaving in a comment your suggestions, ideas, recommendations.

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